• (somthing else?)

    What? You want to know even more about me? You're a sucker for punishment aren't you?
    Music? I like The Fling, Alan Parsons, Dvorak and most of 'that' crowd, Tom Lehrer and Weird Al.
    Art? I guess The Bridge and The Blue Rider schools are my favourite. I don't talk about art much, I think it is a subjective experience between the viewer and the piece. Sometimes. Maybe. Get back to you on that...
    Food? We cooked Panetone last week! We'll probably cook Panforte soon! We make sushi! We make pea and ham soup! We like Jamaican cooking! We make our own bread! It's good actually, there's almost no overlap in the stuff we each like to cook, and we all like what each other cooks. Pity the kitchen's so darn small though...
    Politics? Now *that's* fantasy.
    Anything else you want to know? Email me!