• Reading

    I talked a bit about my reading in the early years, what am I doing now? I'm thoroughly enjoying Harry Turtledove's World War series, I just read the 7th one. Connie Willis is of course a goddess, and was entirely charming when she came to Swancon. Charles de Lint has never dissappointed, and we're lucky enough have him for Swancon 30 in 2005.
    I enjoy David Weber's Honor Harrington series but I enjoy his Oath of Swords, War God's Own and Windrider's Oath much much more. Oh yes.
    Um, I like Elizabeth Moon's novels, especially the Serrano stuff and the Trader stuff that seems to be following it. I probably won't read The Speed of Dark...a little bit uncomfortable sounding to me. I'm sure it's very good though. Like Guernica, you wouldn't want to necessarily have it on your wall. I'm not sure why the Osborne Park Public Library had just that on one of their walls. For years. Near the kid's section! Yurk.
    I like the Bernie Summerfield New Adventure series... Joel Rosenburg's D'shai series, and Stephen Brust of course.
    I very much like Robert B Parker's Spenser series, and then there's John D Macdonald's Lew Archer. And then there's Remo, the Destroyer. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad. I hope I haven't entirely lost my reading credibility.
    If you like literature in general, take a look at Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book. And then read the next two (fourth one coming out REAL SOON!) Now those are books that are really *Written*. Yeah.
    I try to read Pride and Prejudice every year (which generally sparks a storm of real letter writing.) and also the Lord of the Rings.
    Hooray for Barry Hughart and The Bridge of Birds!
    I occassionally review plays, you'll find the reviews when they occur on the Independant Theatre Australia website. They're generally headed 'Rambling Review' of some kind.
    I've been thoroughly enjoying the pantomines they put on at Christmas at Curtin Uni, they are hugely funny.
    I'm not one much for short stories, I prefer novels, but I have some favourites...Snulbug and Spaced Out are a couple.
    I'll cheerfully plug Baen's free books, especially David Freer's Pyramid Scheme and Rats, Bats and Vats.