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Wed Sep 29
The Royal Unicorns of the Sun are up. This is a cute little colour pencil drawing I did in a few hours. Bright and cheerful, take a look at it.
Also, I have a new Shop forum.

Wed Sep 22
Well, it's finally done! Steveg's Dragon is now up! And it's just over there, on the left!

Thu Sep 16
It's time to wave goodbye to the yellow and green shirt special and welcome the tote bag special! All tote bags are reduced until next Thursday, my time, that's WST to you folk out there in Other Places. My tote bags are printed on both sides and a selection can be seen from the shop front here.

But it just isn't those ones on special, it's every single tote bag in the shop. Furthermore, if it isn't on a tote bag, and you want it, ask, and I'll whack it on there for you. My email's right over there.

Sat Sep 11
I've finished Fire Drake and Sea Serpent and it is now on-line!

Thu Sep 9
Spotlight on... All yellow and green T-shirts - all on special! Brighten yourself up!

Mon Sep 6
I've finished The Mission, the results of which you can see here, there on the left, Mythmeet in full colour. You'll have to excuse me, I have to go fall over now...

Thu Sep 2
Three new designs up! Check out Unicornis! Faery Dragon and Wedge-tailed Eagle.
All stainless steel travel mugs are on special until next Thursday, my time! So are all Messenger Bags!

Thu Aug 26
The crazy special on ceramic mugs is now over, now it's organic cotton tshirts on special, all of them, until next Thursday, my time!

Sat Aug 21
Crazy Special! All ceramic mugs are $1 USD reduced! This week only.

Wed Aug 11
I'm pleased to announce that the unicorn button and magnet section is now available for perusing. To celebrate all single buttons and magnets are at the special price of USD1.75, but it won't remain that way for long!

Sun Aug 8
Take a look at This! It's badges and magnets bearing pictures of the floating world from The Deep Rainforest.

Thu Aug 5
Badges Badges Badges Magnets! Magnets!
5 Badges and a magnet are now in the Spotlight on: area for a reduced price.
Save 24c US before next Thursday, Perth, Western Australia time.
More of these items will be appearing later at USD1.99, very soon now.

Sun Aug 1
More new items in Wildlife and in Unicorns
Diamond Horse
Dappled Unicorn
Unicorn in the Mist
and Spotted Tailed Quoll.

Tue July 27
A lot of new australian wildlife in the last couple of days:
Brush Tailed Phascogale
Frilled Lizard
Banded Hare Wallaby
And also some new Gryphons, in several colours.

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Thu July 22
A lot of new stuff:
Tricia, the Asiatic elephant. Or is she Indian, I don't know.
Striped Possum
Dappled Unicorn
and Western Tiger Snake, looking very cool as she coils around a cup!

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Tue July 20
Lots O' Dragons, in all colours is now looking very cool!
Got a sort of blog. It's more of a blig, or perhaps a blurg. It's over there on the left hand side, called Leece's Ramblings. Oh, yeah, if there's any artwork that isn't on something that you'd like it on, let me know: email mailto:amprjs@mail.lympago.com

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Fri July 16
Added Oriental Small-clawed Otters. Or Oriental Small Clawed Otters. Whatevertheheck they are. Fuzzy things.
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Thu July 15
More goodies added:
Laughing Dragon,
Manticore Monarch,
Grant's Zebra,
and Red-Eyed Tree Frog

And it's time to wave good-bye to the Hippogryph tote-bags.
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Mon July 12
Lots of stuff added and heaps of products being added as we speak. There's a Thylacine, Sulphur Crested cockatoo, a Wyvern and the Steel Dragon in the dragons section.
There is a Pegasus called White Shadow, and an alicorn woodcut, called The Alicorn and The Great Trees, that I did at Claremont School of Art which is very moody. The woodcut...not CSA...not to say CSA wasn't moody. That many artists in one spot, it couldn't help it.

The zebra striped unicorn looks very nice, it's called Invitation to the Unicorn. Battle dragon /Wyvern is up, Cheetah cub is ready. And now, for an extremely limited time only, hippogryph tote bags are available but may vanish at any time... without warning. Someone made a special request, so they are available, but as soon as that someone makes their order, the bags will no longer be available. So if you want one, better hurry.

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Tue July 6
Hi Mum! Dragons added to Dragon section. Very cute image, I've been looking forward to putting this one up. Doing lots of scanning and cleanup.

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Mon July 5
Edwina's Dragon is now up.

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Wed June 29
Another Furry Chase is now up!
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Tue June 28
Lots of stuff happening, adding the new products and polishing up the results. Also, Cool Cockatrice is now finished, and can be found in the Monsters section, looking very nice.
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Sat June 12
Lots of behind the scene things happening, Cafepress now has organic cotton so I am converting appropriate images to sepia and sepia red. An example is Fine Dragon Links to other new stuff:
Coastguard Dragon
Sunflower Unicorn
Unicorn Dream
Kotiko the Cheetah
Miss Sphinx

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Thu June 3
Added Unicorn Dream, Miss Sphinx, and Kotiko the Cheetah. Also a new section - Animals of the World. Later... Chimera, Coastguard Dragon were added. And too much time was wasted on Sunflower Unicorn.

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Fri May 28
Added new Furry Chase to store. Also, new pass- times material.

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Sat May 22
Added new Manticore Red to store. Yay! At last!

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Thu May 20
Fixed typo in biography.

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Wed May 19
Email link fixed.
Server down 48hrs. Fixed.
(Stupid power switch!)

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Fri May 7
New Improved Manticore
New Dragons added

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Fri Apr 30
New products added to shop! Check out the Rainbow Fighting Dragons, and the new Unicorn in Snow!
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Thu Apr 29
Web-page revised!
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