• Gaming

    I like roleplaying most of all in my life, oh yes. But I do like boardgaming lots as well. Vinci, Serenissima, LoTR boardgame, Attack!, History of the World, Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition, and El Grande. I do tend to like games with colourful maps and cool pieces, luckily so far I haven't had any real duds this way. Oh, except for Fossil, but that is still quite playable for me. Once in a while. I'm not too good at the mathmatical efficiency games like cube farm and Dragonland but I'm not terribly upset about that. Settlers of Catan in most of its variants I will happily play. I quite enjoy Nexus. Card games I'm pretty much a novice on, or as much as one can be a novice after playing Mu with Craig McBride and Mark Sander.